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Authentic Balinese Experiences

By Ni Luh Manis, A Jero Priestess

Pranasanti takes you to the heart of Bali through spiritual and cultural tours, retreats and yoga classes.

Day Tours

We are so excited to have your here with us again!

Based in Ubud, the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali, our tours take place in the Kintamani region, around Mount Batur, an area of intense spirituality and healing, where all five elements (air, water, earth, fire and spirit) come together.

Island of the Gods

Bali is a place of spirituality and magic that can touch and change visitors, yet as tourism increases the opportunities for it to do so are being lost.

Pranasanti’s tours, retreats and classes are for tourists and travelers who want to do something a bit different and delve deep into Bali’s culture,
magic and ancient wisdom.

Our experiences are completely unique, and utterly unforgettable.

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Online Yoga – Embracing The New Normal

When Covid-19 first struck, it felt like everything we knew and loved had come to a standstill. Here at Pranasanti Yoga, this meant that our retreats, yoga and meditation classes and also palm reading sessions with a Balinese shaman had to be discontinued until...

Yoga for Good Blood Circulation

One of the most beneficial aspects of yoga is that it improves blood circulation. Good blood circulation is important as it promotes healthy oxygen flow in the body and prevents numbness, aches and pains, memory glitches, hair loss, breakouts, fluid retention and...

Sadness, Anger and Emptiness

We all go through sadness, grief, disappointment and at times, feelings of emptiness. It’s called “being human” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling all of the above. Life is about balance so, with happiness, there will be sadness and with excitement,...

“I am driven to share my passion for the nature, culture and spirituality of Bali with Western visitors. I want to show people this magical island and help them to understand just how special it is”

~ Luh Manis  ~