When Covid-19 first struck, it felt like everything we knew and loved had come to a standstill. Here at Pranasanti Yoga, this meant that our retreats, yoga and meditation classes and also palm reading sessions with a Balinese shaman had to be discontinued until further notice for everyone’s safety.

But that was months ago and our passion, humanity, tenacity and strength has proven that we can all rise to the occasion. Despite the initial challenges, worry and confusion, we now have come to a comfortable space by embracing the inevitable and living in the “new normal”.

Pranasanti Yoga is delighted to introduce its online Pranayoga and Meditation classes, taking place every Monday at 7am and again at 7pm Bali time. This one hour class takes place via Zoom and although an online yoga class is no substitute for a live class setting, we do our best to bring the experience to you via your computer screens while staying safe in the midst of a pandemic.

As the founder of Pranasanti Yoga and a Balinese spiritual practitioner, I do my best to include every element of a face-to-face session into the online classes. For meditations, we incorporate the use of incense, prayer and offerings of flowers and fruits. This is crucial in every meditation and prayer session; in Balinese spiritual beliefs, we cannot proceed without any of these elements present.

One of the most auspicious times in the Balinese calendar for yoga and meditation is during Full Moon and New Moon. Please join me on these special sessions every single month. New Moon is also called “Tilem” in Balinese and on this day, the moon is completely invisible while the Full Moon is called Purnama.

These are sacred days for the Balinese people, with ceremonies and rituals throughout the island. If you can tune in, you’ll feel the vibrations resonating throughout the island.

To date, we have received wonderful feedback and support from all of our loyal friends and guests. Moving forward, I am glad to offer Private 1-1 Yoga and Meditation Sessions. Anyone who is interested in having their palms read by a Balinese shaman can also request for a session.

To stay updated on my latest classes, services and other offerings, please follow Pranasanti Yoga on Instagram at @prana_santi.

Please message me if you have any questions or want to book your spot. Send an email to luh@pranasanti.com or a DM us on Instagram or Facebook and please visit www.pranasanti.com for more information.