The Magic of Bali

Discover authentic Bali, away from the crowds, with our unique cultural and spiritual tours. 

Bali is changing. Rubbish lines the roads, chemicals are poured over crops, and ancient traditions are being lost. Yet the magic is still there if we choose to search for it. 

Luh Manis believes we all belong to the earth, and wants to help visitors and residents of Bali connect to it once again.

“Nature helps us to open our hearts and is a beautiful powerful healer. How wonderful it is to play a part in praying for abundance for future generations to come!”

Our tours take place in the Kintamani region of Bali, where Luh Manis is from, an area that is known for its deep spiritual and healing power.

A percentage of all proceeds from our tours go to the elders of the Bali Mula tribe, and the oldest villages, to help preserve their culture and traditions, educate their people, and support the local organic farming community.