Weekend Sunrise Yoga Camp

We will set up our tents and hammocks overlooking Lake Batur and four mountain peaks. You will sleep and wake up in the heart of the Holy mountain and ancient sacred land. We will do yoga at sunrise, a perfect way of helping increase your sense of wellbeing as well as releasing you from the hectic & busy rhythm of life. We will take you on beautiful and refreshing hikes in the Caldera Mountains where you’ll be able to see four striking peaks, and rich plants, trees, and animals as well as local tribal communities, who will be cooking for us and hosting us for the weekend. In the evening we will hold a special fire ceremony, a story telling circle, and dance, chant and worship together, as well as share our dreams and visions.

We have created this event because:

  • We care about the envirnment
  • We like to share with the local community
  • We like to bring people together in harmony
  • We like to connect with nature
  • We like to share our vision and mission
  • We like to share some creativity!

Note : This is a non alcohol event, and make sure you are in a good physical condition.

ART CLASSES BY CELEBRATED LOCAL BALINESE ARTIST (For Individuals & Groups)                 

Experience the classical balinese style of painting where you can develop your own creativity and personal style. This class will be guided by a talented and well known Ubud-based Balinese Artist I. Ketut Karim who will take you deep into the uniqueness of Balinese painting.

I.Ketut Karim was born in Kutuh Kelod, a village in Ubud Bali in August 1962. His passion for painting began in 1974, and during that period he developed his own unique style of modern painting. Then in 1978 he took a deep interest in Traditional Balinese painting. The two came together producing his signature style of painting ‘Flora & Fauna’, especially of birds in 1980.

Since 1984 he had numerous exhibitions in Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Banyuwangi.

Investment per person is US $25 (All equipment & material are included), 2 hour classes are available Monday to Saturday. Please book 24 hours in advance. Classes start from 10am – 4pm (last class).