We all go through sadness, grief, disappointment and at times, feelings of emptiness. It’s called “being human” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling all of the above. Life is about balance so, with happiness, there will be sadness and with excitement, there will be disappointment.

What matters is how we deal with the sadness*, loss and disappointment. Life can be extremely demanding with no or little room for work-life balance and relaxation – which are natural ways for our bodies to heal. Because of the creation of the internet and the smartphones, the world is now at “real-time” which means work, projects and other demands are following you around 24/7 with hardly any time left for you to really “switch off” and re-centre.

According to Psychology Today, sadness is a painful emotion of disconnection from someone or something that you value or had wanted to value. It differs qualitatively and temporally from grief, which may have a greater impact on your perception of the world and is longer lasting.

It’s important that you acknowledge your feelings of sadness, disappointment and anger as it happens and observe the feelings without judgment until they pass. However, if not handled properly, these feelings can trigger some negative outcomes such as disturbances in your sleeping patterns and physical side-effects.

According to Bustle.com, while sadness and depression are not the same things, both sadness and depression have many of the same physical side effects — so ignoring extended periods of sadness can actually be quite detrimental to your health.

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*If you have symptoms of clinical depression, please reach out to your doctors and your loved ones for help.