In today’s modern world, it has become the new normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed.  What with WIFI and the Smartphone, we can never really switch off and unwind. Instead, we push ourselves to go on and on at breakneck speed. While some of us might enjoy rushing through life like this, the human body was not made to handle long-term, chronic stress without consequences to our mental, physical and emotional health.

In response, many people plan a vacation to get away from it all. While a vacation away from your daily routine sounds ideal, a retreat would be even better – unlike a regular vacation, a retreat has a deeper purpose that is aimed at healing. Here at Pranasanti, our retreats are designed to assist you with spiritual healing, fitness and health through yoga and clarity through meditation while taking you on a proper escape from today’s stressful world into the serenity of “real” Bali.

Here are a few benefits of a retreat that you will enjoy:

  1. Disconnect and Unwind

When you participate in our retreats, you’ll follow a daily schedule that has been designed to aid you on your journey of wellness and healing, with activities focusing on mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness. There won’t be any time to be distracted by the on-goings of the outside world either through your phones or computers. Instead, you will spend all this time focusing on you and the inner-workings of your mind and your heart – this will have a positive, long-term effect on your physical and mental health.

  1. Evaluate Your Current Situation

Joining in a retreat allows you to step back and take a look at your life from a healthy perspective. When you’re relaxed and calm with ample breathing space, you’ll be able to evaluate your situation from a broader point of view. It is hard to properly look at anything when you’re being pulled in all directions at work, in life and with family, but once you’re on a retreat, the only thing that needs your attention is you.

  1. Surround Yourself With Nature and Positive Energy

In our previous blog post, we talked about the importance of being in nature. It’s true that nature is the best medicine and this is why those seeking to heal, rejuvenate and rebalance themselves retreat into nature to return to the self and reconnect with the senses.

At Pranasanti, we retreat into Bali’s most sacred locations – places where all of nature’s elements come together with strong spiritual vibrations such as the mountains and lakes of Kintamani and the forests of Ubud. Being in the great outdoors will help to quiet the mind and improve the body’s overall health – the positive energies that radiate in nature will reduce stress levels, increase positive energy and feelings of happiness while reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

  1. Stop Overthinking

As humans, we will never be able to stop thinking and finding solutions to life but despite it all, there is a need to control and manage the flow of the mind so that your energies will not be affected. At Pranasanti, we practice meditation a few times a day. It is a proven, age-old technique that will remedy any weary mind. A few minutes a day of guided meditation will force you to slow down, help you reduce anxiety and make you feel calmer, lighter and happier.

Meditation helps put things into perspective, and when you’ve spent a few quiet minutes with your thoughts and yourself, you’ll see that there is really no need for all that stress. You’ll emerge fresher, stronger and make better decisions. Meditation is also great for your body, as it improves blood flow and circulation.

Here at Pranasanti, all of our retreats include meditation and yoga, nature walks, spiritual and water cleansing rituals, Balinese massages, exercise and healthy eating. To participate in Pranasanti’s Exclusive Retreats and Day Tours, please visit our website at or email