Do you enjoy yoga? Here at Pranasanti, we practice yoga on a daily basis and all retreat participants are encouraged to join. Yoga is an ancient practice originating from India some 5000 years ago and despite what you may see on Instagram today, yoga is not just about posting complicated poses while in skimpy bikinis J

Yoga is a combination of the spiritual and the physical and comes with a host of positive benefits including increased core strength and flexibility, help you towards achieving a healthier weight, increase muscle tone, endurance and agility, improve balance, blood circulation, posture and possibly even stronger bones. Practising yoga over long periods will help to develop your stamina and your strength while improving your mental and emotional wellbeing.


For us at Pranasanti, the most beneficial aspect of yoga is that yoga has the power to transform your mind. In addition to helping those with depression and anxiety, yoga can help us overcome the daily stresses that are inevitable in the day-to-day including giving you access to a sense of calmness and inner peace. This leads the way to a quiet mind for a few moments.

Those facing life’s daily struggles usually suffer from migraines, back pains, headaches, joint pains, high blood pressure, cholesterol, indigestions and the like. Practising yoga can help with these problems too by helping you manage stress.

By combining meditation techniques with poses and breathing, yoga can help with you reduce stress, assist with relaxation and mental clarity, improve concentration and focus, enhance mood and feelings of wellness.


As yoga helps us steady our physical and our inner self, we’ll slowly learn to align with our inner consciousness, manifest positive experiences and foster a sense of deeper calm, gratitude and appreciation.

Come and join us here at Pranasanti Yoga for our retreats and day tours, where in addition to practising yoga, you’ll also learn all about “real” Bali and the Balinese culture that is over 2000 years old. Take the opportunity to add one more growth factor into your life as you learn, grow, heal and create joy. To find out more, please email or simply visit our website at